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Who’s laying down at an R.E.M. concert?

First of all, doesn’t even imagining someone wanting to lay down during an R.E.M. concert sound absurd? Well, it happened. 

However, it wasn’t anyone in the audience. It was none other than the ever-artistic frontman, Michael Stipe himself. He sang while laying on his side, after the first few songs and didn’t get up until midway through the show. 

I had never seen anything like that from a musical performer and it astonished me. I wasn’t quite sure I really enjoyed the concert. So, many years later, I decided to attend another of R.E.M.’s tours and, lo and behold, he was upright throughout the entire set. 

Maybe he had a bad night during the first show. Either war, I’m still a devoted fan of theirs.

Disclaimer: I have utilized stock photography for this blog since I didn’t photograph this band/artist.

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