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Goth music is alive and well in the Valley Of The Sun thanks to The Sisters Of Mercy


Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: May 25, 2023

It was a dark and gloomy night within the confines of Tempe’s Marquee Theatre on Wednesday, May 24. After all, The Sisters Of Mercy were leaving their indelible mark of their signature deep underground goth music onto the patrons present.


This is TSOM’s first U.S. concert tour in over fourteen years. Andrew Eldritch and fellow melancholy band members Dave Creffield, Dylan Smith, Ben Christo and the ever present Doktor Avalanche (the band’s iconic drum machine) perform their songs of anguish, turmoil, despair and unrest to their adoring fans.

One would argue that Eldritch may have sounded even darker than before as the haunting baritone’s vocals reverberated from each interior cement wall of the venue. Even though the overall performance was subtle at best with a minimalistic light show and an occasional head-sized spotlight on the singer, The Sisters Of Mercy’s passion for music triumphed and was quite evident with the energy, beats, and animated movements as each member made their way across the stage.


“Don’t Drive On Ice”

“Crash And Burn”



“I Will Call You”

“But Genevieve”



“Show Me”



“Instrumental 86”



“Something Fast”


“On The Beach”

“When I’m On Fire”


“Temple Of Love”

“Lucretia My Reflection”

“This Corrosion”

The one hour and thirty minute set was a blend of the group’s massive hits, including “Dominion”, “More” and “Lucretia My Reflection”, and concluded with an explosive rendition of TSOM’s “This Corrosion” and the house, filled with people in black attire, danced in celebration like there was no tomorrow. The Sisters Of Mercy are continuing their current tour. Go to their website for more info on their upcoming shows at

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