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The Black Moods come home

Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: December 10, 2022

They came! They played! They conquered! The Black Moods, that is. Josh Kennedy and his bandmates returned to the Valley of the Sun with a jaw-dropping, explosive performance - with pyrotechnics and all -  at Tempe’s Marquee Theatre on Friday, December 9. 


The powerhouse trio filled the venue with their tireless angst displayed through their progressive chord changes, pulsating beats and rockstar power. Lead vocalist/guitarist Josh Kennedy commanded the night with his guitar licks, soothing vocals and pure charisma. He never missed a note, even while he was haphazardly flailing his wavy locks. The band’s bassist Jordan Hoffman’s rhythmic concentration was so intense that nothing could interrupt his trance. While the drummer/percussionist Chico Diaz rounded out the other half of the rhythm section with a thunderous, unbridled assault on the drum skins. 


The Black Moods chose their hometown to close out their five city concert tour, primarily supporting the band Candlebox, to a close to capacity crowd. Kennedy even gave a heartfelt shout out of appreciation to the fans for their unwavering support. By the spectators’ reactions, the overall show was an absolute success.



“On & On”

“Whatcha Got”

“Youth Is Wasted On The Young”

“Saturday Night”

“Within Without”

“Can’t Sleep At Night”



“The Cure”

“I Need To Know”

“Killers In The Night”

“Right Now Anywhere”

“Bad News”

“Say It For The Last Time”


“Like A Wave”

This dynamic musical act’s star is definitely on the rise. Better catch them before they’re out of reach. When they come to your city, you would be remiss not to see them perform live. So make it a New Year’s resolution. Get to know these talented Arizona rockers at

Legends Of Rock Bring The Beatles Back To Life

Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: June 4, 2022

It only took 50 years, but true Beatles fans could wait a lifetime to experience such a stellar lineup as Todd Rundgren, Christopher Cross, Jason Scheff (former lead singer of Chicago - 1985 to 2016), Joey Molland (of Badfinger) and Denny Laine (founding member of The Moody Blues & Wings) performing iconic hits from The Beatles’ “Rubber Soul” and “Revolver” albums, as well as their respectively famous tunes. The eager crowd was packed like sardines, while waiting with anticipation for the festivities to begin at Phoenix’ Celebrity Theatre on Wednesday, June 1 during the “It Was Fifty Years Ago Today” show proudly promoted by the Valley’s own Danny Zelisko. There were plenty of Baby Boomers in attendance, who shimmied around the venue to their favorite Beatles’ songs reminiscent of their younger years.


Could there be such a thing as too much star power? Not when it comes to these iconic rockers. They eloquently shared the spotlight, while profoundly exchanging glances of admiration with each other. The stage was reverberating with major talent.


Scheff delivered an electrifying performance of “25 Or 6 To 4” that effortlessly brought the house down. Rundgren encouraged a mass sing along during his epic hit “Hello It’s Me”, which willingly danced people out of their seats. Joey Molland belted his heart out with his rendition of the explosive rock song “Baby Blue”. The audience was lulled away to the velvety sounds of “Sailing” sung by, none other than, Christopher Cross. And Paul McCartney would have been proud to hear Denny Laine kill it during the powerful “Band On The Run”. However, that was only a few of the memorable songs performed during the set. Check out the notable setlist below.




Set One:

“Drive My Car” (All)

“I Want To Tell You” (All)

“Taxman” (Rundgren, Molland)

“Eleanor Rigby” (Cross)

“If I Needed Someone” (Molland)

“Go Now” (Laine)

“Band On The Run” (Laine, Cross)

“I’m Only Sleeping” (Scheff, Laine, Cross)

“No Matter What” (Molland, Scheff)

“Baby Blue” (Molland,Rundgren)

“Good Day Sunshine” (Scheff, Rundgren)

“In My Life” (Rundgren)

“You Won’t See Me” (Scheff)

“Sailing” (Cross, Scheff)

“Ride Like The Wind” (Cross, Scheff)

“She Said She Said” (Rundgren)



Set Two:

“And Your Bird Can Sing” (Rundgren, Cross)

“Here There & Everywhere” (All)

“Girl” (Scheff, Cross)

“Michelle” (Cross, Laine)

“Norwegian Wood” (Laine, Cross)

“I’ve Just Seen A Face” (Cross, Laine)

“Hard For Me To Say I’m Sorry” (Scheff)

“25 Or 6 To 4” (Scheff, Rundgren, Molland)

“For No One” (Cross)

“Nowhere Man” (Laine, Molland, Cross)

“I Saw The Light” (Rundgren)

“Hello It’s Me” (Rundgren, Molland)

“Doctor Robert” (Molland)

“Got To Get You Into My Life” (Molland)

“Tomorrow Never Knows” (Rundgren)

“The Word” (All)

“Yellow Submarine” (All)

It was a musical journey, which collectively transported fans into a blissful state of mind. If you missed this unforgettable evening then hope for another visit, but moments like these usually happen once in a lifetime.

Everclear Ingnites The Valley With Long Awaited Performance

Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: November 19, 2021

Not too many bands are charismatic enough to take their concertgoers back in time as successfully as alternative rockers Everclear can.  


And that’s exactly what they accomplished at Phoenix’ intimate concert venue Celebrity Theatre on Friday, November 19.  It was the second to last stop this year on the group’s first concert tour in over two years.  However, the North American tour will resume in early 2022.  


Singer, guitarist Art Alexakis; lead guitarist Dave French; bassist Freddy Herrera and drummer Brian Nolan catapulted their fans back to the 1990’s with songs reminiscent of that era such as:  “Wonderful”, “Father Of Mine”, “Heroin Girl” and “Santa Monica”, as well as other hits.  


It was quite evident that most of the revelers hadn’t been to a live show since the COVID pandemic had begun in early 2020 by their display of wild abandonment.  It was a scene to fill your senses.  Permeating throughout the theatre, one could hear the enthusiastic screams and witness people flailing about in rhythmic gyrations.


No one seemed to mind at all and Alexakis refused to come up for air as he belted out tune after tune from Everclear’s extensive music library.  




“Everything To Everyone”

“Heroin Girl”

“Father Of Mine”

“The Man Who Broke His Own Heart”

“Nervous & Weird”

“Normal Like You”

“Twist Inside”


“New Life”

First Encore:

“Song From An American Movie”



Second Encore:

“AM Radio”

“Local God”



Third Encore:


“Molly’s Lips”

“Santa Monica”


Get to know this stellar ensemble of musicians and see where their tour takes them to next by clicking on their official website link:

Goldrush Music Festival 2021 Takes You Back In Time In The Future

Written by: Carmen Garza

Date: September 20, 2021

Phoenicians, are you ready to be transported to an era when time stands still, tumbleweeds were part of the everyday scenery and searching for a hitching post for your horse was the thing to do - all this while dancing to your favorite international artists flooding your senses with an odyssey of electronic music in a mind-blowing,

feast-for-the-eyes setting? 


You don’t have to wait any longer.  To kick off the Valley of the Sun’s fall outdoor music festival season, Relentless Beats proudly presents Goldrush Music Festival 2021 at Rawhide Western Town Event Center from September 24 - 26. 


Slated to perform on one of the three stages (Golden Gorge, Pioneer’s Peak and The Hideout) across the expansive grounds, you can see such stellar EDM producers as Above & Beyond, Illenium, Diplo, Zed, Troyboi, Autograf, Camelphat, Zeds Dead, Technasia, Cosmic Gate and Virtual Riot to name a handful. 


If you think panning for gold is out of style, guess again.  At the Tumble Weed Park area, you will feel as though you were thrown back to the 49er’s days of yesteryear, while learning about the wonderful world of Cannabis.  Be part of the pioneer community and test your luck at finding gold in them their hills, while jamming to the tunes of up-and-coming Arizona talent. 

Grab your steeds, cowboy boots and partners to sashay on down to the best outdoor venue in the Phoenix area to get downright gritty.  Say goodbye to summer, hello to autumn and make it a weekend to remember.  Get your three-day passes today at

Deadmau5 Unplugs His Cube To Perform In The Arizona Desert

Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: June 4, 2021

The man, the myth, the EDM legend Deadmau5 simply needs no introduction to his fellow ravers eagerly awaiting his arrival on the massive, and newly expanded, stage at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, Arizona.  On June 4, concert revelers were about to take their imagination and senses on a magical musical journey. 


Sporting a black baseball hat, black t-shirt, blue jeans and one red and one black high-top Converse sneaker, Deadmau5 (a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman) made his entrance and addressed everyone by saying, “Hello, Phoenix. It’s good to be back here even though it’s so fucking hot. I got to be honest. I’m only functioning on seventy-five percent tonight, but I’m going to give you one hundred-twenty percent of it.”  His fans instantaneously erupted in a thunderous outburst that could be heard throughout the Gila River Indian Reservation the event was located on. 


There was a natural flow with each song and the accompanying computerized graphics displayed on the jumbo screens surrounding the stage were unquestionably electrifying.  And if you’re into music that makes your hair stand erectly on your arms, you were in high heaven.  After the first tune, Joel wore his bright florescent green iconic Mau5head until it became uncomfortably hot for him.  He continued to indulge the crowd with hit after mega hit such as “Hypnocurrency”, “Sofi Needs A Ladder”, “Monophobia”, “Raise Your Weapon”, “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” and “Polaris” to name a handful of them. 


Even a seasoned electronic artist such as Deadmau5 sometimes chooses to travel with a supporting cast of other talented dj/producers.  NERO’s smashing, hardcore beats resonated throughout the grounds.  His invigorating musical offering left an indelible impression on the rambunctious fans. 

Spencer Brown proved his EDM worth and offered a smooth, trance-like performance of the evening.  Speaker Honey showed how much power she has behind her sound system and that she can run with the big boys.  The night’s festivities began with the music of Lamorn, who displayed a unique sound of his own.


Concertgoers were in their element, as though the COVID-19 pandemic never happened, and time stood still at least for those several hours celebrating together the return of live music.  Whether they were getting their groove on to the enchanting soundscapes of each masterfully performed craft, hanging with friends in the V.I.P. area, snapping pics at the selfie station or grubbing at the concession area, all was right in the world.


Deadmau5 continues to captivate audiences all over the globe on his world tour. Click on the link to see what he’s up to next:

Deadmau5 - Cube = Unplugged

Written by: Carmen Garza

Date: May 29, 2021

Ready.  Set.  Go.  Live music is making a much anticipated return and the Valley of the Sun is no exception.  From crystalline reverberations to out of-this-world visual special effects, international music producer/dj Deadmau5, a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman, will grace the desert stage at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler, Arizona on Friday, June 4 during his Unplugged tour.

Don’t worry.  It’s not as though Zimmerman is going to conjure up a stool and start strumming his world famous progressive house tunes on an acoustic guitar.  No, that’s not what the word “unplugged” refers to. Instead, it simply means the Mau5 will not be utilizing his signature electronic cube.  He will be a cube less Mau5 for this show anyway.

However, with the new and improved megastructure soundstage and light enhancements Relentless Beats has provided will set the concert bar sky high.  This dynamic production value is sure to breathe more life into performances of “Monophobia”, “Strobe”, “Sofi Needs A Ladder”, “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” and other hits Deadmau5 is known for. Listen to the beats that made Zimmerman famous, watch for the Mau5head wardrobe changes and get your groove on.


The interstellar headliner will be supported by fellow dj/producers Nero, Lamorn, Speaker Honey and Spencer Brown.  What are you waiting for? Head on down to Rawhide, get that gritty desert dust on yourself and party like the ravers you know you are.  For tickets, click here: .  If you haven’t had enough of Deadmau5 yet, get your fill of cool stuff via this link:

Eliza & The Delusionals heat things up at The Lunchbox

Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: March 1, 2020

They came from a Land Down Under.  Introducing Eliza Klatt, Kurt, Tex and Ruby of Eliza & The Delusionals - Australia’s premier indie rock band.  These young rockers trekked across North America, saw the world through rose colored glasses and spread good cheer after having finished opening for Los Angeles alt group Silversun Pickups on a few west coast dates. They made their Phoenix debut as headliner at The Lunchbox on Wednesday, February 26.


Fresh, energetic and fun are words that accurately describe the scene that evening.  The musicians filled the intimate venue, of even younger individuals, with a unique sound that is quickly becoming a signature personifying the Brisbane band and their talents.  These performers weren’t afraid to let their hair down as each member performed with confidence, flair and raw expression.   


Eliza & The Delusionals members are definitely brilliant, but they are also very down to earth.  At one point, Eliza even commented on how cool the outside temperature was and how she had hoped for a sultry, heat that the Phoenix desert is known for.  Instead, the musical act brought their own heat and lit up the room with their sizzling music.



“Swimming Pool”

“Deep End”




“Feel It All”


“Half Empty”

“Pull Apart”

“Just Exist”

These Aussies had been preparing to head out on their SiriusXM Advanced Placement tour (opening for beabadoobee) in March and support for PVRIS on their May/June tour, but the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused them to postpone that part of their tour.  Don’t fret.  Eliza & The Delusionals are in the process of rescheduling the show dates, so the chances of being able to see them live in concert is absolutely doable.


If you are craving for a fresh, new sound on the music frontier, you will instantly become an appreciative fan of the Land Down Under’s Eliza & The Delusionals.  Click on the following link to see why they are gaining new admirers everyday.  Crikey!

Everclear’s Art Keeps Shining

Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: November 17, 2019

A spry and “take-no-shit” from hecklers Art Alexakis, singer-songwriter, guitarist of Everclear took the stage at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona during his November 17 stop on his current solo acoustic tour.  The tireless musician has been on tour promoting his new album “Sun Songs” since May 2019 and seemed at home with his fans gathered to see one of their favorite performing artists.


Life imitates art or, as in this case, Art imitates life as it is brilliantly depicted in each of his song lyrics.  For instance, consider these words from the poignant Everclear song “Everything To Everyone” - “...I think you like to be the victim. I think you like to be in pain.  I think you make yourself a victim almost every single day...” and in the emotional tune “Father Of Mine” - “...I will never be safe.  I will never be sane.  I will always be weird inside.  I will always be lame.  Now I’m a grown man with a child of my own and I swear I’m not going to let her know all the pain I have known...”


The show was very chill and laid back until someone in the crowd boldly asked if Art was going to perform any Everclear hits, which he irritably responded, “Who do you think fucking wrote those songs?”.  During the song “Sing Away”, Alexakis brought out his stately twelve-string guitar and strummed the instrument with finesse, grace and fire.   The entire performance was filled with highs and lows as far as emotions were concerned, but either way it was definitely a trip down memory lane. 


Main acoustic setlist:

“Songs From An American Movie”

“Sunshine Lovesong”

“I Will Buy You A New Life”

“Heartspark Dollarsign”

“Learning How To Smile”

“Line In The Sand”

“Father Of Mine”

“Thrift Store Chair”

“Loser Makes Good”

“Sing Away”

“The Hot Water Test”

“Everything To Everyone”


“Santa Monica”

“Surly Juke Box”

Alexakis had more surprises up his sleeve when he presented the audience with an intimate, sit-down session, where fans were able to make song requests personally by microphone.  This was in addition to his first set, where he profoundly wasn’t taking any requests whatsoever. 


Song requests from the wooden chair:

“Annabella’s Song”

“The Man Who Broke His Own Heart”

“Don’t Fall Down Now”

“Portland Rain”


“White Men In Black Suits”

“A House With A Pool”

“A Country Song”


There’s still time to experience the gift of Art Alexakis’ intimate acoustic show.  Go to the link to see when he will be in your neck of the woods -

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