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Everclear ingnites The Valley with a long awaited performance

Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: November 19, 2021

Not too many bands are charismatic enough to take their concertgoers back in time as successfully as alternative rockers Everclear can.  


And that’s exactly what they accomplished at Phoenix’ intimate concert venue Celebrity Theatre on Friday, November 19.  It was the second to last stop this year on the group’s first concert tour in over two years.  However, the North American tour will resume in early 2022.  


Singer, guitarist Art Alexakis; lead guitarist Dave French; bassist Freddy Herrera and drummer Brian Nolan catapulted their fans back to the 1990’s with songs reminiscent of that era such as:  “Wonderful”, “Father Of Mine”, “Heroin Girl” and “Santa Monica”, as well as other hits.  


It was quite evident that most of the revelers hadn’t been to a live show since the COVID pandemic had begun in early 2020 by their display of wild abandonment.  It was a scene to fill your senses.  Permeating throughout the theatre, one could hear the enthusiastic screams and witness people flailing about in rhythmic gyrations.


No one seemed to mind at all and Alexakis refused to come up for air as he belted out tune after tune from Everclear’s extensive music library.  




“Everything To Everyone”

“Heroin Girl”

“Father Of Mine”

“The Man Who Broke His Own Heart”

“Nervous & Weird”

“Normal Like You”

“Twist Inside”


“New Life”

First Encore:

“Song From An American Movie”



Second Encore:

“AM Radio”

“Local God”



Third Encore:


“Molly’s Lips”

“Santa Monica”


Get to know this stellar ensemble of musicians and see where their tour takes them to next by clicking on their official website link:

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