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The V-Knights Review

The V-Knights bring chivalry to Phoenix with their electrifying performance 

Written, photographed & interviewed by: Carmen Garza

Date: March 23, 2023

How many siblings can honestly say they get along most of the time? The majority would probably respond with a resounding “no”, but when you’re the Velasquez brothers of The V-Knights, they would definitely say, “Hell yeah, we do!” On Friday, March 24, at Phoenix’ legendary bar Cactus Jack’s, not only did they prove they get along, but their charisma and rock star qualities gelled seamlessly on stage. 


The V-Knights - lead guitarist Gabe 23, drummer & lead singer Alex 20 and bassist Nicolas (Nico) 17 - are nothing short of extraordinary. Brothers first. Rockers second. They truly brought down the house, took no prisoners and displayed bona fide passion, heart and soul, and they’re just getting started. 


These gifted musicians are currently working on recording various tracks for their new album. Many of the songs they played that night are included in the following setlist. Check it out.



“Punished By Love”

“Angels Of Tears”

“In The Red”

“Kissin’ Kitty”

“Beats Walking”

“Bad Luck Charm”



“Good Girls”

“No Pressure”

“Cheap Talk”

If you want to see what makes The V-Knights tick, here’s a glimpse into the lives of these up-and-coming rockers from Tucson, Arizona in an exclusive interview with the Valley’s own Carmen Garza of GigShots!


These guys are on fire! That was the consensus from the crowd’s reaction to The V-Knights’ display of dignity, tenacity and pure sexiness. That’s rock and roll, baby! Go to the band’s website link and see for yourself.

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