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The Black Moods

The Black Moods Come Home

Written & photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: December 10, 2022

They came! They played! They conquered! The Black Moods, that is. Josh Kennedy and his bandmates returned to the Valley of the Sun with a jaw-dropping, explosive performance - with pyrotechnics and all -  at Tempe’s Marquee Theatre on Friday, December 9. 


The powerhouse trio filled the venue with their tireless angst displayed through their progressive chord changes, pulsating beats and rockstar power. Lead vocalist/guitarist Josh Kennedy commanded the night with his guitar licks, soothing vocals and pure charisma. He never missed a note, even while he was haphazardly flailing his wavy locks. The band’s bassist Jordan Hoffman’s rhythmic concentration was so intense that nothing could interrupt his trance. While the drummer/percussionist Chico Diaz rounded out the other half of the rhythm section with a thunderous, unbridled assault on the drum skins. 


The Black Moods chose their hometown to close out their five city concert tour, primarily supporting the band Candlebox, to a close to capacity crowd. Kennedy even gave a heartfelt shout out of appreciation to the fans for their unwavering support. By the spectators’ reactions, the overall show was an absolute success.



“On & On”

“Whatcha Got”

“Youth Is Wasted On The Young”

“Saturday Night”

“Within Without”

“Can’t Sleep At Night”



“The Cure”

“I Need To Know”

“Killers In The Night”

“Right Now Anywhere”

“Bad News”

“Say It For The Last Time”


“Like A Wave”

This dynamic musical act’s star is definitely on the rise. Better catch them before they’re out of reach. When they come to your city, you would be remiss not to see them perform live. So make it a New Year’s resolution. Get to know these talented Arizona rockers at

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