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The countdown to the wonder that is Illenium 

Written by: Carmen Garza

Date: 06/24/2024

Brace yourself, you EDMers, dance freaks and ravers! Rawhide and Relentless Beats are about to reunite this weekend, after a three year hiatus, for an epic concert event to commence the summer outdoors concert season. Let’s all welcome Denver’s one-and-only master of future bass and GRAMMY award dj nominee known around the globe as Illenium.


On Saturday, June 29, powerhouse EDM concert promoter Relentless Beats and iconic western-town venue Rawhide will unapologetically host an unforgettable night of music, lights, dancing and entertainment that is out-of-this-world. Hail to the iconic music producer Illenium and prepare to be awestruck by his colossal performance.


But, you’d better hurry and order your tickets before they sell out! Hit up the Relentless Beats website at the following link and party like it’s 2024 -

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