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Illenium’s scorching performance turns up the heat in the desert

Written & Photographed by: Carmen Garza

Date: June 30, 2024

Thermonuclear - that’s the best word to symbolize the electrifying night of Illenium: The Return to Rawhide on Saturday, June 29. Concertgoers battled the extreme heat and elbow-to-elbow crowd just to experience their favorite music producers in the sweltering desert. If you didn’t have a decorative fan, spray bottle or icey cold drink in your hand, then you were completely S.O.L. 


The evening’s festivities began with an ultra-supportive mix of deep bass, jungle and dubstep by Oxford, England’s very own dj Mamba. The majority of people were trickling in during part of his performance, but the overall mood was already set on overdrive. 

Things started intensifying with Bonnie X Clyde’s blend of electropop, synthpop, house and trap music. Daniel Litman (Clyde) and Paige Lopynski (Bonnie) proudly performed their hit songs, which included “Another You” and “I Miss You, I Don’t”. 

Christian Smith, a.k.a. known as Crankdat, brought his fans to their knees with an explosive second-to-none performance, which introduced fiery cannons into the sky. “Kneel Before Me”, “STFU” and his most recent single “Big Bang” were just a few of the hits that worked the crowd into a frenzy.

With the entire night’s triumphant performances, one right after the next, the stage was royally lubed for Illenium’s grand entrance. The Denver based EDM producer’s fusion of songs “Not Even Love”,

“Good Things Fall Apart”, “Feel Good” and “All That Really Matters” were just a selection of songs presented with, not only mega-fiery cannons, but with streams of laser lights and crackling fireworks. The Fourth Of July seemingly arrived early in the Valley Of The Sun.


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