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Is Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s music a viable sleep aid?

I vividly recall attending a Bruce Hornsby & The Range concert, with a close (and seemingly overworked) friend of mine, during their heyday. The show was halfway through when I happened to glance at my pal, who was not only head bobbing but ferociously sawing wood (figuratively speaking). The noise level emanating from him was deafening, at least in our section of the packed auditorium. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with BH&TR’s form of music, it consists almost entirely of soft piano-influenced ballads and melodic singing by none-other-than Mr. Hornsby himself. However, listening to these songs isn’t the main cause of someone to fall asleep at their live concert. I surmise my friend should try not to work so hard and be able to consistently achieve a good night’s rest, so his counterpart doesn’t have to shake him awake at a concert.

Disclaimer:  I have utilized stock photography for this blog since I didn’t photograph this band/artist.

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